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Salmon Lucky

Skinny Mini RFID Safe Universal Minimal Wallet

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Skinny Mini RFID Safe Universal Minimal Wallet

This Skinny Mini Wallet is Small and Thin in Size but big in protection! It certainly protects your personal information and prevents the ID theft. It's built-in double layer of RFID Blocker will protect it from hackers and readers to read your card information in NFC (Near Field Connectivity ), and  if a hacker tries to scan your card, they will get "NO CARD FOUND" msg and they will have to move on! 

Such is a power of Skinny Mini..


  • Made from Pebbled PU Leather. 
  • The Skinny Mini is perfect for carrying Drivers Licence / ID and 2 Credit cards and some cash. 
  • It measures 4 1/4" Wide, 3" Tall and 1/8" thick.
  • Simple and cute, fits in the pocket or in your purse , clutch or handbag.
  • It comes in multiple soft and bold colors like NAVY BLUE, HOT PINK, PINK, GOLDEN, BLUE, RED, BLACK AND BROWN.
  • Great for every family member you love and care for.