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Teal Simba

Rotatable Kitchen Tap Aerator Water Nozzle Saving

Regular price $25.99 USD
Regular price Sale price $25.99 USD
Faucet pressurized water saving device, stainless steel water outlet
Three-shift adjustment Three-switch mode
Can freely rotate positioning
Delicate water can be freely rotated and positioned for easy multi-angle cleaning
Easy to use, easy to install
Three modes,Pulse mode, shower + pulse, shower mode,Three switching modes, one-touch switching.
The inner teeth 24 caliber, external teeth 22 caliber round mouth faucet can be directly installed inside teeth 24mm external teeth 22mm tap.
Type:Water Tap
Color:As shown
Inner teeth:24 mm
External teeth:22mm
Net?Weight:? 70g/ 2.5oz
1*Water Tap
1*Universal head

Cannot ship to PO boxes.