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Salmon Lucky

ROSE IS A ROSE 18kt Rose Crystal Earrings In White Yellow And Rose

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So sweetly beautiful.. if we call it by any other name, it would still feel the same!

These 18 kt Rose, Gold and Silver plated clip on earrings remind you of the sweet blooms of all seasons that make the whole garden fragrant they speak to you silently as if telling you to celebrate, for there is lot to hope and dream for in the coming year.

Keep the fragrance of yester years memories in the heart and look forward to the new beginnings and climb up to the new heights in the coming year with Rose Is A Rose.   




  • 18kt Rose accent design with 2 kt Diamond Crystal at the heart of earrings make them timeless. 
  • Easy on easy off Clip on style Earrings that everyone can wear, ears pierced or not.
  • They come in Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow Gold.
  • They come in a Velvet pouch for gift giving and safe keeping.