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Salmon Lucky

COSMO Cosmetic Faux Ostrich Cases In Set of 4

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Carry all your makeup essentials in the COSMO Cosmetic Faux Ostrich Cases in Set of 4 and be a true Cosmopolitan traveler in the real sense of the term!  

The COSMO Cosmetic Cases not only accommodate and organize all of your much needed and important beauty accessories, but they also keep everything neatly sorted while you carry them in your travel bag and look awesome and exotic when you finally reach your destination and lay them out on your vanity counter.

You will love the VIBRANT COLORS and EMBOSSED TEXTURE that will easily grabs attention. You will be inspired to carry all the essentials you love as everything has place and it is so easy to find everything when you are on a hectic travel and work schedule.

Be at ease with COSMO no matter which country you visit and what culture you experience. 


  • Embossed finish.
  • Purse Size: XL - 10" W x 5", L - 8" x 4 ", M - 6.5" x 3.5", S - 5" x 3"
  • Metal zipper on top of each case.
  • Soft Nylon Lining Interior on each case.
  • Handcrafted with faux Ostrich Leather.
  • They come in vibrant and hot colors.