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Salmon Lucky

CHERISH Mesh Bangle Trio Of Gold Rose Gold Silver In 3 Sizes

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Invaluable, treasured and adored.. so much like the heirloom bangles you have seen your grandmom and mom wear on special occasions ..

Those same heirloom bangles that you are longing to wear but as are too precious to wear casually and always locker bound for safety, why not have the similar traditional, Vintage feel in today's modernistic new age that you can truly CHERISH, without the fuss and the stress ..?! You can have it now and you are going to love love love this Trio at the very first sight itself ..So many combinations can be made from these 3 tones of Gold, Rose Gold and Silver bangle bracelets that can match your every mood, dress and fancy.. 

Or just wear all three together for the sake of nostalgia and Cherish each moment .. 


    • All 3 Bangle Bracelets are made of fine mesh design that has Vintage feel to them.
    • They come in 18 kt Gold, Rose Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. 
    • They come in Small Width, Medium Width and Large Width.
    • All three Tones and Width come in size 8 inches of Diameter. 
    • They are simply exquisite, so much so that grandmom and mom will also love to wear them.
    • They come neatly packed in gift box and great for gift giving and safe keeping.Get more in any combination of tone and width (each sold separately).