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Salmon Lucky

Campus Buddy Sling Bag With 3 In 1 Access

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For the savvy student who not only goes to and fro from home to college but also travels in summer vacations to faraway places!

You will love this roomy bag and so will your fellow student and fellow traveler, as it has a built-in USB Port, Phone Charger and Headphone Access! This means you can not only get your homework assignments done fast, but you can also be in touch with your loved ones via phone, which you can always keep charged with a power bank, and enjoy your favorite playlist via your headphone, as the access is given to you right there on the bag 's more, you can organize and carry all your other essentials handsfree like a notebook, a wallet with credit cards, the car keys, sunglasses, an umbrella and much much

Carry all in one and feel put together with this sling !


Made of 100% Vegan Leather.
It measures 18 inches Tall, 8 inches Wide and 6 inches Deep.
It has 4 zipper compartments, with 1 Wall Pocket for Wallet or Smartphone.
The straps are 48" Long.
It transforms into a front pack or backpack.
It comes in: various colors.