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Salmon Lucky

Slim Pocket Charger for your Smart Phone and Devices

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Slim Pocket Charger for your Smart Phone &Tablets. The Slim charger is thin backup battery that will charge up your Smartphone 100% and give you the necessary time to continue using your phone.

It has a built in charging cable and also has accessories that will charge your iPhone 5/5s, 6/6 Plus or your iPad & mini. It can also charge all devices from Samsung.

It weighs less than 2 oz. and it has similar batteries found in many smartphone which is Li-Polymer thin cell batteries. You can easily fit the charger in your pocket and easy to charge and recharge with built in cable no need to carry a charging cable with your charger.

• 2200 mAh battery backup slim charger
• Can charge iPhone & Samsung devices.
• 40% on Tablets to 100% recharge on Smart Phone devices.
• Takes 2 hours to charge or recharge fully.
• Lightweight under 2oz and less than 4.5mm thick little bigger than a credit card.
• Comes in White color with blue cable only.

1 Year Ltd. Warranty included