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Salmon Lucky

Worldwide Plug Adapter With 4 Port USB Fast Charger And A Surge

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All-in-one adapter with built-in surge protector allows you to plug dual-voltage appliances into foreign wall outlets. Easy to use, fits electrical outlets in the most commonly visited countries. For use in Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Europe, Fiji, Great Britain, Ireland, Middle East, New Zealand, North America and South America.  

  • Plug in your existing phone/gadget charger and this device converts it to an overseas plug rating on 110 or 220VAC
  • 1 AC outlet
  • 4 USB ports with 2.1 amps for high-speed charging of smartphone and tablets charge all at high spped wit hpintelegent charging and auto turnoff.
  • Surge protection
  • 4 universal pin adapter built in to fit any wall socket in the world