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Salmon Lucky

4 in 1 Expert Multitasker Wall Power Adapter Socket And Phone Charger

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4 in 1 Wall Power Adapter Phone Charger with Night Light F

This newest design is perfect for the dorm or any room of the house.  It has 2 USB quick charge ports with a surge protector that will work with any phone. It also has 4 A/C power outlets with surge protection and a built in stand that can hold 2 devices while charging. There is also a built-in Night Light or Motion detected Path ! It is an all in one wall adapter that you will be using more frequently than any other charging device. It fits right over your dual socket power outlet and doubles your outlet capacity from 2 to 4. 

Be an Expert Multitasker you already are and plug in your Computer, Printer, and still have 2 outlets to use for other


  • 4 in 1 - Power outlet, USB charger, Stand and Night Light all in one.
  • You get 4 Power outlets for 120volt A/C. 
  • 2 USB outlet is for 2.1amp and 3.5 amp for high-speed charging.
  • Stand that can hold 2 devices on top.
  • Night Light with Motion that can be used as pathway light.
  • Surge protection for high voltage and spike in bad weather.
  • Made from rugged ABS plastic in Off White Color.